Inspired by the great Ben Soja, who is the one and only who did the Everesting on a unicycle (all about), we thought, maybe there are people who want to try this at the elsbet. We have two real good routes (see below) where you can do it. Both of them have almost no traffic, smooth road and the evelation is ok. (and there are great singletracks down if the road is to easy ;-)  )

 We will Support you with Food, Drinks and positive energy!


An onther Option is to do a "Downhill Everesting": If there are at least three riders who want to try this, we will give you a shuttle for the day. There are three different downhills, with about 800-1000 vertical meters each. But those are real technical singletrails, not easy to ride!

Just let us know!

Here is a Video of the downhill record from 2010 of Marc Vogt and Markus Büchel

Here is the story of the downhill record from 2012 of David Reichenberger and Markus Büchel




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