Grischa Muni Challenge 2019

19th-22th of septembre 2019

The challenge:

The Grischa Muni Challenege is a team (3-6 riders) stage muni race in the canton of Grisons (also called "Grischa") in Switzerland. The race will start this year in Davos and the finish will be Chur (if you come by car: leave it in chur and take the train to Davos). In the evening, the daily goal for the next day will be announced. The teams then have time to plan the stage, only singletrails should be considered. After breakfast we start together and every team tries to collect as many points as possible in the given time. Points are collected with the distance ridden and hiked, altitude (positive and negative) and special tasks. All kind of transportations are allowed (train, bus, cablecars), of course no points for this part. The stages are recorded with GPS.
In the evening all Teams are together for dinner. The luggage is transported by the organizers from stage to stage.