Team: Ich bin dabei!

Captain: Samuel Mössner

Lea Opitz

Rolf Leonhardt

Mathis Hörner

Christian Hörner


We will win because:                           

Wir sind dabei!

 For winning we would even:                

Roll down a hill in a tractor tire (we have trained that! ;-) )

 That‘s how we prepare us for gmc19: 

You should have a look at our video for the answer of this question.



EPIC Grischa

"We will win because we are coming in hot"

"For winning we would even eat the bananas without peeling”

“For Grischa we brush up combination of being pro, creative and a bit ridiculous"


Maksym Siegieńczuk

-team captain

Trying my best to be Alfa

Gerald Rosenkranz
- media spokesman

Sweating to step up our bad image.

Jakob El Monociclo Flansberry
- team mechanic

Fixing all the gear issues with magic fingers. And some lube too...

Michael Rung
- nutritionist

Ensuring no bananas will get squeezed too much.

Flatearth Muni Team

How do we prepare ourselves?
We do a high altitude training on our local mountain at 50m height
To win we would even:
Wear oxygen masks
We win because:
Thanks to better reception thanks to Aluhut.


Captain: Tobias Reinsch

Tyl Beckmann

Rebekka Wiedener

Finn Harwege

Timo Hirschmann

Malte Paschen



Captain:       Nathan Zengel

Anna-Lena Blaschke  

Claudio Harringer  

Anna Schubert  

Lukas Schubert


Team: Presidentteam

Captain: Sandy Ries

Rocco Schulz

David Weichenberger

Patrizia Imholz

Ettore Gilardoni

Lorena Schwerzmann

Florian Kaiser



Team: Dodekopf mit bigoudi

Captain: Souryan Dubois

David Ottmann

Gauthier Leurent

Martin Charrier

Zoé Hebinger



Team: Fromage et Baguette

Captain: Julie de Pachtere

Gingo Francois Wurmser


Vincent de Carné-Carnavalet


Team: Ungeplante Abstiege (UPD's)

Captain:  Michael Bucher

Cyrill Bucher

Yara Bucher

Jamie McCaughey



Team: Your pace or mine?

Captain:  Ryan Kremsater

Ben Soja

Tom Tony Trevor