Grischa Muni Challenge 2023

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Grischa Muni Challenge is back!


What is Grischa Muni Challenge (GMC)?


The GMC is a multi-day mountainunicycle event in the Swiss Alps. Every day the next day's destination is announced in the evening before. The teams then plan their routes independently. They start together in the morning and the riders then have a certain amount of time to reach the destination on their route. It's not about reaching the goal as quickly as possible, but about riding as much altitude and distance as possible in the given time. Cable cars and trains may also be used. The routes are recorded with GPS and points are awarded according to the distance  and the altitude difference that has been ridden. If a team reaches the goal late, points will be deducted. The team with the most points wins.

During the event there is a second rating: "Kings and Queens of the Mountain!". Each team receives a list of various tasks that must be completed voluntarily during the three days. Each task is worth a certain number of points. The tasks can be of a sporting nature and absolute nonsense.



Date:                        17th to 20th of August 2023

Meeting point:     Youthhostel Pontresina

Teams:                    3 to 6 members   (we are limited by 45 participants)  

Costs:                      300 Euros 

                                  That includes three nights in hostels with breakfast and dinner and all the transports        (Cablecars,                                             Train etc.).

                                  (Lunch and and extra night at the end of GMC, if wanted, you have to organize yourself)


Organisation:     Jamie McCaughey, Adrian Iten, Markus Büchel (turtle)


Banktransfer (Swiss Bank Account details below):


Team Ursli
Floraweg 11
9490 Vaduz
Iban:  LI50 0880 5504 0835 8000 1
Clearing-Nr: 8805
Swiss Bank Account:
Team Ursli
Veltur 29
9475 Sevelen
IBAN: CH36 8080 8001 4112 3994 3

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