Infos for GMC 2019

Grischa Muni Challenge is back in a new area:

the beautiful Engadin, around Pontresina!



What is Grischa Muni Challenge (GMC)?


The GMC is a multi-day mountainunicycle event in the Swiss Alps. Every day the next day's destination is announced in the evening before. The teams then plan their routes independently. They start together in the morning and the riders then have a certain amount of time to reach the destination on their route. It's not about reaching the goal as quickly as possible, but about riding as much altitude and distance as possible in the given time. Cable cars and trains may also be used. The routes are recorded with GPS and points are awarded according to the distance  and the altitude difference that has been ridden. If a team reaches the goal late, points will be deducted. The team with the most points wins.

During the event there is a second rating: "Quings of the Mountain!". Each team receives a list of various tasks that must be completed voluntarily during the three days. Each task is worth a certain number of points. The tasks can be of a sporting nature and absolute nonsense.



Date:                        17th to 20th of August 2023

Meeting point:     Youthhostel Pontresina

Teams:                    3 to 6 members   (we are limited by 45 participants)  



Organisation:     Jamie McCaughey, Adrian Iten, Markus Büchel (turtle)


Support with repairs and replacement material:


Hello together,



Meeting point is on Thursday evening at the youthhostel in Pontresina. We will have dinner at 6:30 PM and afterwards the first goal will be announced. We start in Pontresina in the morning (if you come by car, it’s the easiest to leave it in Pontresina). Car can be left at the hostel in Pontresina (10.- per day)  The finish will be on Sunday evening in Pontresina (for the organization of the return journey) and the end will be between 7 and 8 pm.

If you want to stay the night in Pontresina, please get in touch with the youthhostel.

We will do the luggage transport for you, please carry one piece of luggage per person.


 In addition to all the usual Muni stuff, please remember: we are in the Alps, the weather can change quickly and it can be cold. Very important are good shoes (hiking or mountain boots, no Fivetens or similar) and warm clothes.

You will also need a big backpack, maybe you have to carry also your stuff for one night in it. Please bring a small silk or cotton sleeping bag (Hüttenschlafsack) and your health insurance card (Krankenkassenkarte).

Do not forget: Headlamp or similar, it is not excluded that we are riding also in the dark. 

Money: You payed for the beds, breakfast, dinner, cablecars and other Transportations, luggage transport, one map per team, last dinner (sunday)

Not included: Drinks, lunch (everyday you will pass huts, villages, shops…) and drinks at the prize giving ceremony (sunday evening)




Please remember: You plan your routes yourself, there are no guides, so you have the opportunity to decide for yourself how strenuous you want it to be or not.



Take along:

  • health insurance card
  • At least one mobile phone with internet in Switzerland
  • Download swisstopo App or SchweizMobil (it is then also possible to download the maps for offline use)
  • One device per team that can record GPS data from one day (GPX file)
  • 1 gas cooker and pot per team (teams that want to take part in Quings of the Mountain)
  • Backpack big enough to hold luggage for an overnight stay
  • Hut sleeping bag (silk or cotton)
  • Hiking/mountain shoes (no fives or similar)
  • Per team: tool set at least one pharmacy (hemostatic, painkillers, disinfection)
  • Clothing for (high) alpine terrain (warm clothing)


Good preparation is necessary for safety in the mountains. This includes good equipment and maps, knowledge of your own abilities and those of the group, finding out about the region and of course the weather conditions. Despite the best preparation, something can happen, in which case it is also important to be well prepared.  We recommend becoming a patron of the REGA. The organization team rejects any liability and insurance is the responsibility of the participants.


For sure we will have a great, fun, impressive, unique and stunning Grischa Muni Challenge!


Videos for you preperations


If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to you!


Jamie, Adrian, Markus