Please support our unicycling friends in Lagos/Nigeria

Dear (unicycling-) friends, probalbly all you you have seen the videos of the unicycle academy gkb from Lagos, Nigeria (at least the one above). Team Ursli did a donation ride last year, over 30 members raised more then 10'000 Euros. With the money Kyuoro Olalekan (the president of the academy) can rent an indoor place for the trainings, get the kids food and clothes and they are able to go to the school. They learn different circus skills, lots of unicycling and with their shows they earn some money themselfes.


They need money to keep going. Please help to support them, you can donate to our club and all the money goes straight to Kyuoro.





Team Ursli

Floraweg 11

9490 Vaduz


Iban: LI50 0880 5504 0835 8000 1